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MANVILLE: Council President urges 'progress without politics'

Published on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 5:05 PM EDT

To the editor:

There are fewer then 40 days left until Election Day. Soon, you will see the false accusations trying to discount or distort the progress that’s been made in Manville over the past two years. We need to ensure the voters have the facts and the true financial figures to make the right decision on Election Day.

The voters in Manville clearly “spoke” in last year’s election that they will no longer tolerate any type of obstructionism on council. They did this by turning away the GOP candidates who had produced no results during their tenure on council when, for five consecutive years, they were the majority party. The voters are tired of the “no” votes without any constructive alternatives being offered.

If progress is to continue, the council does not need puppets with a negativeoutlook. Frank and Harry are committed, long-term residents who really do care about our town. They will be proud councilmen who will bring new ideas and continue with the work that is under way. Their reputation and history shows that they are not interested in playing the political game.

You can help to get their message out by talking with your neighbors and friends. Talk with them about the progress made — more police officers on the street, the crackdown on ‘slum lords,’ the new businesses opening, new shared services with the county, and the funding secured for the flood mitigation study.

Let them know Frank and Harry are anxious to work for the people of Manville and for the future of Manville.Let your vote be your voice! On Nov. 5, vote for Frank Jurewicz and Harry Bugal Jr. Progress without politics.

Ed Komoroski

Council PresidentManville

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